What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a permanently cemented protective covering for a tooth that has been structurally weakened due to extensive decay or previous fractures. A crown is placed in those instances to protect the tooth from a future catastrophic fracture that would necessitate extracting the tooth.

During the crown preparation process, the tooth is anesthetized and shaped in a manner that allows the crown to be placed with excellent esthetics and also provides a good seal between the tooth and the crown. An impression of the tooth is taken during this process and a temporary crown is usually placed while the permanent crown is fabricated. The preparation of the tooth and the subsequent impression are critical to the precision fit of the crown to the tooth and must be carried out with a high degree of precision.

Crowns are made out of many different materials such as gold, porcelain, zirconia and combinations of these materials.

Dr. Massey will help you select the crown material that will possess the best blend of strength and beauty for your needs. There is no one material that is ideal for all situations.

In addition to protecting natural teeth, crowns are also used to restore endosteal titanium implants that have been placed in the jaw. The impression procedure is similar to that of crowning a natural tooth.

Fixed Bridges

A bridge is a dental prosthesis that is similar to a crown but differs in that it replaces one or more missing teeth. Typically, a bridge is cemented on two or more teeth (abutments) in much the same way that a crown is cemented onto a single tooth. The tooth in the bridge that replaces a missing tooth is known as a “pontic.”

Bridges are made from the same materials as a crown and the procedures are similar aside from the increased amount of time needed for a bridge in general.
Both crowns and bridges are designed to help you maintain a stable bite, keep other teeth from shifting and help maintain your attractive smile. Properly done, these restorations should last for many years.

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