Waterline Sanitation

In recent years, an increasing amount of attention has been focused on the quality of the water used in dental operatories. Studies, such as the 20/20 report in 1999, showed how improperly maintained dental units could become contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria.

At Arctic Family Dental, we use the Sterilex system as well as chlorohexidine based protocols to maintain dental water supplies that meet or exceed ADA accepted parameters for dental waterlines. Dr. Massey personally monitors our water systems and also utilizes independent lab testing to ensure the safest water supply possible.

In addition, our instruments are sterilized in steam autoclaves after each use to guarantee your safety. We also use disposable barrier protectors when applicable and bactericidal wipes when indicated to achieve optimal sanitization in our operatories. At Arctic Family Dental we strive to have the cleanest office in Anchorage.